Our Services

Sales Team Consulting
We also offer in-house product launches
Business Plan Execution
We will write, review, or edit business plans.
Account Management Issues
We handle all issues internally.
Cash Flow Issues
We cover all account issues.
We find financing for your company.
We have attorneys and mediators ready to take charge.
Compliance Issues
We handle all of the paperwork and tedious phone calls.
Human Resources
Don't have an HR department? We can help.
Local advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing
Feasibility Studies
Leave the hard work to us.
Market Analysis
We provide high quality reports.
Product Market Evaluations
Know before launching.
Expense Consulting
We have helped so many businesses lower their expenses.


CGMC is the most diversified consulting company to cover any issues you want to improve your company in. If is market awareness, growth, cutting costs, or even increasing revenues and DSO issues. Capital Growth Management Consultants can help any division in your company operate and be how you expected it to perform.
CGMC knows business and understands each industry is unique along with all situations. CGMC does not think like a standard bank and understand the need of capital needs for our clients. Many times our vision with our clients are bigger than our clients because of this most of our loans are no asset related with a 97% approval rating. CGMC also fund your customers to make sure all your relationships are stable moving forward if they need capital.
CGMC understands business relationships can turn for the worse and unexpected. CGMC tries to work out all differences knowing relationships are needed in all businesses. Our goal is to keep this relationship as a future revenue source for your company. CGMC Legal and Mediation is not limited to contract review or compliance issues.
Sales Team/Product Launches
CGMC has a sales team division if a product is ready to launch or has been in the market for years not satisfied with your current results. CGMC recognizes may companies spend huge amounts of revenues with no production results from in house sales forces. CGMC can rejuvenate your current sales force to accomplish or over exceed your projections or hire CGMC to sell your products representing your company at a cheaper cost and not risking hiring non professional sales people with the cost of turn overs. CGMC has launched Laser Medical Equipment to Commercial beer faucets with great results.